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Pax et Bonum is Latin words meaning peace and good. It is very common in Franciscan literature because St. Francis of Assisi used to greet every people he met with these words.

Pax et Bonum Foundation is a civil foundation under the care of Franciscan Friars in Thailand registered by Thai Government on June 6th, 2016. It is written: “The Foundation Registrar of Pathumthani Province has approved the registration of the Foundation as of the registration number Por Tor 167/2559 as of the 6th of June 2016”.

The goal or objective of the Pax et Bonum Foundation are:

  1. Defend human dignity with contemplation of peace and care of the creations.
  2. Strengthen the harmony in the family, community and society.
  3. Provide refuge to the terminally-ill people living with HIV/AIDS, the impoverished and the destitute with motherly care.
  4. Open the educational chance to the children, the youth, the deprived and the underprivileged.
  5. Provide occupational and vocational training to the grassroots of the society.
  6. Relieve graves in the community suffering from the natural disasters and other pain.
  7. Cooperate with other charitable organizations for the common good.
  8. Not engage in any political motives. Neither the involvement of gambling nor the profit orientation, nor the defamation to the good tradition and culture of the country.

Since 1993 Franciscan Friars in Thailand work for the terminally HIV/AIDS patients and other charity works for Thai people. With Pax et Bonum Foundation we expect good Thai people can support our work, especially the work for HIV/AIDS patients of St. Clare Hospice and other humanity work in Thailand.

Extend your kind heart to help our foundation through :

Pax et Bonum Foundation
Account Number: 217-4-20482-2
Bangkok Bank, Nongchok Branch.

Pax et Bonum Foundation is located at 43 Moo 8 Lamsai , Lamlukka , Pathumthani 12150 Thailand.
Phone : 02 563 1203, Fax : 02 563 1046; Phone and Fax: 02-563-0186

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