Journey To Self

The retreat is your retreat and it is not my retreat. My role is to accompany you. I am your brother. You may not follow anybody but the Holy Spirit. You may build a family and brotherhood at the present moment after you has been scattered for doing the mission. You may be yourself, express yourself comfortably. Nobody can give anything to you but yourself. You may not wait anybody else but you should give to yourself to meet the need. You may ask yourself, “Do you really live, or do your life really alive? You may experience God at the present moment. Be relax, be cheer.

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Franciscan Retreat at Huahin

Five days from 8 to 13 December 2014 Franciscan friars from Thailand and Myanmar had their annual retreat at Huahin led by Fr. Joseph Nghi Dhin OP. Read more →

Thailand Exposure Report

Six young men from Singapore and Malaysia arrived at the San Damiano Friary, Singapore, in early January 2014. They came to answer God’s call to explore and discern more deeply about their vocations. Joining the OFM order as Postulants is their first step in discerning the possibility to live the rest of their lives as an OFM friar. The six postulants are Cosmas Francis Yassun (Sabah, Malaysia), Crispus Mosinoh (Sabah, Malaysia), Gerald Tan (Singapore), Gerald Terence Saimel (Sabah, Malaysia), Robin Toha (Singapore), and Sixtus Pitah Amit (Sabah, Malaysia). They are currently going through the postulancy formation under the guidance of Friar Michael Goh (Postulant Director) and
Friar John Soh (Assistant Postulant Director).

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Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and Ordination of the first Franciscan Thai priest

News Photo: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and Ordination of Fr. Francis Xavier Rerkchai, the first Franciscan Thai priest. Read more →

FCAO Meeting: A Pilgrimage From China To Taiwan and From Minority To Brotherhood

With intention to know a little about Taiwan and the Franciscan in Taiwan I arrived one day earlier (September 20) of the Meeting that started from September 22-26, 2014 and left two days after the meeting on September 28. I was one of the brothers who left last.

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