Little Flower of St. Clare Hospice – Khun Songfon Hoonsast

Little Flower of St. Clare Hospice
Khun Songfon Hoonsast
(Reported by Br. Athanasius OFM)

Khun Songfon HoonsastSonfon comes from Baanbaanbog, Thonburi Bangkok. He was born year 7- 9 -1991. He was only child of their parents unfortunately when he was two years old his parents got divorced and his Father and aunts brought him up. After fishing his studies he went to technical studies. After he finished technical studies, Songfon got job in the company and while working he rented a room for his stay. He could work for only three years then fell sick and he was taken to the Hospital by his family members, for treatment: at that time he was found, infected with HIV/Aids.

When his family members came to know that he is infected with HIV/Aids started treating him badly, they did not allow him to eat with them and stopped talking and finally chased him out from the house. He tried to contact some institution but none of the institution accepted him at last he contacted St. Clare’s Hospice but St. Clare’s Hospice also refused in the beginning when St. Clare’s Hospice refused him he was so much disappointed and he decided to end his life because he was sick and no strength to work. Looking at his situation St. Clare’s Hospice accepted him as one of their inmate.

Now Songfon is recovering slowly but still weak. He can eat by his own and able to help himself but still he doesn’t have strength to work. He is weak but still he likes to help the patients those who are weaker than him. After staying for one month his mentality is changed very much. He no longer thinks to end his life but has great hope of recovering and going back to the society to start a new life. St. Clare’s hospice wishes him get well soon.


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