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It started 1991 and 1992 after the friars finishing the building of retreat center Lamsai, Lamluka, called “Garden of Gospel Peace”, people used to come asking some helps. Some of them were HIV/AIDS patients who expelled by their families and/or societies.

1993 the friars started to receive the terminally HIV/AIDS petients as part of their ministries in one corner of the retreat house compound. This is also their respond to the sign of time in Thailand. The center is called St. Clare Hospice. The friars help the terminal HIV/AIDS patients. Most of them come and die only. The friars do not let them die alone.

Last five years many of them become strong and go back home and working as normal people. Till now there are more than 1200 patients died, coming and going from St. Clare Hospice. The building of the St. Clare Hospice is constructed 25 years ago. The flood hit Thailand at the end of 2011, gave big impact for our building. Most of the septic tank systems, and some building spoiled. The effort to repair it did not give good result as long as the patients still there. Some rooms cannot be used anymore.

After 20 years the ministries given by St. Clare Hospice also extending, not only caring the terminal HIV/AIDS patients but also empowering the patients, helping the children of the patients, and awareness to the health people especially to the children.

It needs new building for St. Clare Hospice. St. Clare Hospice needs new building for the patients. St. Clare Hospice and the patients need your hand, your help. If you willing to help, please extend it to our account:

Thai Military Bank
Account Number: 034-2-29277-8
Name of Account: Franciscan Foundation of Thailand
Address: 034 Nongchock, Bangkok, Thailand
Swift code: TMBKTHBK

Do not hesitate to contact us:

Fr. Gregory OFM :
Phone: +66-02-5631203
Mobile: +66-087-751-7899

Br. Athanasius Xaxa OFM :
Phone: +66-02-5630186
Mobile: +66-0852256022

Download St. Clare Hospice brochure here (kindly click this link).

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