Pax et Bonum Foundation taking over St. Clare Hospice

Photo news: The visit of the head of the Lamluka Districk to check the establishment of Pax et Bonum Foundation (Civil). Together with them was Mr. Chaiwut the lawyer and three board member: Mr. Kamon, Br. Rerkchai OFM and Sijitra OFS. The police officer and the staff from Lamsai were there as well. Once the Pax et Bonum Foundation registered we can transfer of St. Clare Hospice from Salesian Foundation and providing volunteer visa. Pray for it. Read more →

Christmas Celebration with Asylum Seeker

Photo News: Christmas Celebration with Asylum Seeker from Pakistan and Srilangka at Lamsai on December 17, 2015. Read more →

SAAOC Meeting 2015 – Journey to Small Heaven Falls on Earth

The email from Br. Paul Smith OFM on behalf of Br. Babu OFM the president of the Conference made me a little surprise. Why? Usually the SAAOC meeting takes three days only, but this time which held at Jayapure, West Papua took one week, that is, from September 6 to 12, 2015. Immediately, I contacted Br. Gonsa the Custos of West Papua Custody asking the agenda of the Meeting.

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